Underwater Pelletizing Systems for the Plastics Industry


Baracco Pelletizer Underwater


Baracco pelletizing systems are suitable for the production of raw materials, as well as for the production of compounds, blends, masterbatch and recyclates. The pelletizing system interfaces with the customer’s extruder or gear pump. The pelletizing process is performed in a closed loop water system and the pellets cut by the rotating blades are conveyed from the cutting chamber to the centrifugal dryer. The production capacity is 500 – 5,000 kg/h and its applications are many.

Industrial Applications


Masterbatch Production

Virgin Resin Production

Technical resins

Medical and food grade polymers

Plastics recycling

Hot melt adhesives

Thermoplastic elastomers

Wood polymer composites

Research and Development

Customer Benefits

Automatic startup and shutdown

Redundant safety interlocks

Pelletizer locking group

Low noise operation and high cleanliness levels

High energy saving

High efficiency closed loop filtered water system

Minimal start-up waste

Wide range of applications

High quality pellets in variable sizes (based on customer requirements)

Low production costs