Watering Pelletizing System



Liquid Watering Pelletizing System Baracco

Baracco BPW liquid ring pelletizing systems are modern, simple, and compact machines that guarantee excellent and quality productions, guaranteeing moderate production costs.

BPW guarantees consistent pellet uniformity and its operation is not sensitive to temporary interruptions in the flow of the polymer. The optimized machine design helps minimize polymer inventory between the extruder and die and evenly distributes polymer flow to each hole in the die plate.

Typical applications include polymer recovery, postconsumer/industrial recycling, and compounding.

Operation of Baracco pelletizing systems

The operation of the Baracco Pelletizer WaterRing is a simple but efficient cutting process. The material is melted and homogenized inside an extruder, then the material arrives at the BPW die, from which the molten material comes out and is cut by rotating blades. Subsequently, the cut pellet is transported by the water flowing over the walls of the granulation chamber to a static separator. The latter separates water from pellets, which are then transported to the vertical centrifuge SP where the product is dried. The production capacity varies according to the model and material, so as to be able to meet the needs of each individual customer.
The following table lists the different BPW models and their respective production capacity.

Benefits of our BPW systems

Uniform flow of the polymer towards the die

Quick removal of the blade and die

Quick color changes

Easy cleaning

Easier commissioning and operation

Excellent drying of the pellets

Easy access and cleaning to the dryer

Insensitive to process variations